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தங்களது குடியிருப்புக்கு செலுத்த வேண்டிய மாத தவணை/பராமரிப்பு கட்டணம் செலுத்த இந்த இணையதள முகவரியை பயன்படுத்தவும்.
Tamil Nadu Apartment Ownership (Amendment) Act 2022 Click Here

Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board

Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board was established in September 1970 and has been implementing various Housing, Slum Development and Rehabilitation and Resettlement programmes to ameliorate the living conditions of the slum families in Tamil Nadu. The Board initially started its activities in Chennai and its activities were gradually extended to other urban areas of Tamil Nadu since 1984 onwards in phased manner.

The motto of Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board is “GOD WE SHALL SEE IN THE SMILE OF THE POOR“. The Board has been implementing various programmes like In-situ tenemental schemes, In-situ plotted and infrastructure development and Rehabilitation and Resettlement schemes to improve the environs of the slums and the living standards of the urban slum families to achieve the Slum Free Cities.

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