S.No. G.O Number G.O Details Documents
1 G.O (Ms).No:332, Hg & UD Dt.26.10.2007 Resettlement of occupants from the dilapidated tenements – Exgratia of Rs.8000/-
2 G.O (Ms).No:167 MAWS, Dt.15.04.2008 JNNURM – Pro-poor reforms – Implementation
3 G.O (Ms).No:97, Hg & UD, Dt.15.05.2013 Constitution of Technical Committee to find out the structural soundness of the dilapidated tenements
4 G.O (Ms).No:177, Hg & UD, Dt.05.07.2013 Reconstruction of 3500 dilapidated tenements at a cost of Rs.280.00 Cr – Administrative sanction
5 G.O (Ms).No:9, MAWS,
Cooum Eco Restoration Programme – Administrative sanction
6 G.O (Ms).No:75, Hg & UD, Dt.24.05.2015 Green houses programme in Town Panchayats for 20000 families – Administrative sanction
7 G.O (Ms).No:125, Hg & UD, Dt.08.10.2015 Housing for All Mission 2015-22 – Appointment of State Level Nodal Agency and State Level Mission Directorate
8 G.O (Ms).No:177, Hg & UD Dt.16.10.2015 Housing for All Mission 2015-22 – State Level Appraisal Committee
9 G.O (Ms).No:202, Hg & UD Dt.22.12.2015 Allotment of tenements to transgenders
10 G.O (Ms).No:3, Hg & UD, Dt.07.01.2016 Allotment of 25000 houses for the slum families affected 2015 flood
11 G.O (Ms).No:135, Hg & UD Dt.21.07.2017 Constitution of shelter fund
12 G.O (Ms).No:59, Hg & UD, Dt.21.05.2018 Inclusion of CMA & DTP as Board members
13 G.O (Ms).No:78, Hg & UD, Dt.15.06.2018 Empowered Committee to alienate the lands where MUDP & TNUDP Schemes implemented.
14 G.O (Ms).No:174, Hg & UD, Dt:17.12.2018 Allotment of tenements to transgenders
15 G.O (Ms).No:27, Hg & UD, Dt. 12.02.2019 Tamil Nadu Housing and Habitat Development for urban poor Programme – Creation of Circles & Divisions
16 G.O (Ms).No:33, Hg & UD, Dt :19.02.2019 Repair & Renewal Works to the tenements at a cost of Rs.70.00 Cr during 2018-20 –Administrative sanction
17 G.O (Ms).No:202 New Health Insurance Scheme 2016