Global Housing Technology Challenge – India



TECHNOLOGY:Precast Concrete Construction System – Precast Components Assembled at Site

An already established technology for building construction, Precast concrete construction is a system where the individual precast components such as walls, slabs, stairs, column, beam etc, of building are manufactured in plant or casting yard in controlled conditions. The finished components are then transported to site, erected & installed.


The technology provides solution for low rise to high rise buildings, especially for residential and commercial buildings.


Construction Process:

The construction process comprises of manufacturing of precast concrete Columns, Beams and Slabs in steel moulds. The reinforcement cages are placed at the required position in the moulds. Concrete is poured and compaction of concrete is done by shutter/ needle vibrator. Casted components are then moved to stacking yard where curing is done for requited time and then these components are ready for transportation and erection at site.


These precast components are installed at site by crane and assembled together through in-situ jointing and/or grouting etc.


Special Features:


  • Nearly all components of building work are manufactured in plant/casting yard & the jointing of components is done In-situ leading to reduction in construction time.

  • The controlled factory environment brings resource optimization, improved quality, precision & finish.

  • The concrete can be designed industrial by-products such as Fly Ash, Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS), Micro silica etc. resulting in improved workability & durability, while also conserving natural resources. Eliminates use of plaster.

  • Helps in keeping neat & clean construction site and dust free environment.

  • Optimum use of water through recycling.

  • Use of shuttering & scaffolding materials is minimal.

  • All weather construction & better site organization.