TNSCB is implementing various housing and other programmes adopting the following approaches and strategies:-


i) In-situ Tenement Schemes with Infrastructure

Storeyed tenements are constructed on unobjectionable slums utilising the maximum possible Floor Space Index (FSI) and allotted to the families already living there.


ii) Integrated Townships

Tenements are constructed on available nearby vacant lands for resettlement of families living in slums on objectionable lands like river banks, road margins, etc., as integrated townships with the necessary basic infrastructure like lift with power backup, water supply, sewerage infrastructure, electricity and social infrastructure like schools, college, Industrial Training Institute, parks, Anganwadi centres, primary health centre, bus terminus, vocational training centre, police station, convenient shops, milk booth, community hall, etc., At the time of resettlement in order to facilitate livelihood support, onetime shifting allowance of Rs.5,000/- and subsistence allowance in total of Rs.30,000/- at the rate Rs.2,500/- per month is disbursed to each family. Livelihood skill training and job melas are conducted to ensure smooth adoption in the new locations.


iii) Construction of Houses by the Beneficiaries

The urban slum families living in kutcha houses in thatched / tiled roof without a toilet, who cannot afford to construct houses on their own. Such families are given grants to enable them to construct permanent houses with RCC roof.


iv) Reconstruction of dilapidated Storeyed tenements

Due to efflux of time and exposure to the vagaries of nature some of the tenements constructed are in dilapidated condition, posing risk to the lives and properties of the families living there. The vulnerability of such tenements has been studied by a Technical Committee and unstable, old buildings are being demolished and taken up for reconstruction. These tenements are allotted to the earlier occupants. In many of the areas additional tenements are constructed and allotted to the extended families of occupants, encroachers and other nearby families.


v) Repair and Renewal works to the storeyed tenements

In order to ensure longevity and structural stability of tenements maintenance activities like periodical white washing, colour washing, repair & renewal works are undertaken regularly.


vi) Technology Innovation for Affordable Housing

The TNSCB has been using modern construction technology in building the tenements like use of prefabricated concrete, Monolithic concrete construction technology using aluminium formwork, light gauge steel frame for doors, windows, UPVC windows and door frames for faster construction of safe, sustainable and ecofriendly tenements.


vii) Environmental Improvement of Urban Slums

The slum improvement works like roads, street lights, public fountains, storm water drains, etc., are taken up in urban slums to make the areas habitable.


viii) Other Programmes

The development of urban slums will be complete only if the slum families become economically independent. Economic independence and self-sustenance are essential for the urban poor especially for youth and women living in slums. In order to promote employability, skill development training is being imparted in coordination with Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation and reputed NGOs. Job melas are also organized to ensure employment.

TNSCB took a new initiative of engaging Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation and National Urban Livilehood Mission for livelihood activities.